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Máy bộ đàm Hàng hải ICOM M1V

The worlds smallest waterproof marine radio!**

Ultra compact, waterproof transceiver

Icom IC-M1V is the smallest and lightest waterproof* marine handheld available. Plus, it features non-corrosive construction.
*equivalent to JIS waterproof specification grade 7 (1m depth for 30 min.)

Powerful 5 watts of talk power
The first in its class to use a powerful Lithium Ion battery, the IC-M1V 5 watts can carry a conversation a long way. Charging is easy; with Lithium Ion, theres no need to fully discharge before recharging, as should be done with Ni-Cds.

Lithium Ion power = long battery life
With typical operation*, youll get an incredible 12 to 14 hours of operating time__nearly 2 times longer than most Ni-Cds. Lithium Ion stores a charge more than 3 times longer than a typical Ni-Cd, too!
*Tx:Rx: Stand-by duty ratio = 5:5:90

Waterproof speaker-microphone operation
A waterproof* speaker-microphone plugs right in to the waterproof jack on top of the IC-M1V. Go where its wet without fear!
*equivalent to JIS waterproof specification grade 7 (1 m depth for 30 min.)

Extra large LCD with alphanumeric indications
A large, backlit LCD offers easy to read channel numbers and descriptions. Read the IC-M1V built-in channel descriptions, or program in your own! With up to 10 alphanumeric characters per channel, its easy to customize channel descriptives.

Flexible battery charging
Charge the IC-M1V on a boat, at home, or in the car. A self-standing battery charger comes with the radio Set the charger on top of a table, or mount it to a wall. The charger accepts a variety of DC power sources*, or use the included AC adapter.
*Optional charging cable required

Fast scanning functions
"TAG" scanning offers easy, one touch channel selection and deselection. Advanced dual and tri watch scanning, normally reserved for more expensive radios, is also available.

**As of 10/99



  • The self check function checks internal temperature, connected battery voltage (over voltage detection), PLL lock and water intrusion
  • Battery indicator shows remaining battery power in 4 levels
  • Auto WX scan and WX Alert function (USA version only)
  • Simple Up/Down switches for operating channel selection
  • Instant access to Ch 16 and programmable call channel
  • 2 step power saver
  • Key lock function
  • Automatic LCD and key backlight
  • Up to 22 free channels are available (ask your local dealer for details)
  • Optional voice scrambling capability (Not available in some countries)
  • ATIS standard for German version



Frequency range : TX 156.025 57.425 MHz
RX 156.025 63.275 MHz
Usable channels* : All U.S.A., International and Canadian channels;
plus 10 weather channels (U.S.A. only)
Mode : 16K0G3E (FM)
Power supply requirement : 7.4 V DC (BP-215 only)
Current drain (at 7.4 V DC) : Tx 1.5 A (at 5 W output)
Rx 200 mA (at AF max.)
20 mA (at Stand-by)
Operating temperature range : -20°C to +60°C ; -4°F to +140°F
Antenna connector : SMA (50omg.gif)
(projections not included)
: 52.5(W) × 129(H) × 30(D) mm;
2 1/16(W) × 5 3/32(H) × 1 3/16(D) in
Weight (approx.; with BP-215) : 280 g; 9.9 oz
Output power* : 5.0 W (Hi), 1 W (Low) and 0.5 W (Low2)
Modulation system : Variable reactance frequency modulation
Max. Frequency deviation : ±5 kHz
Audio harmonic distortion : Less than 10% (at 60% mod.)
Spurious emissions : IC-M1V Less than 65 dB
IC-M1EURO V 0.25 µW
Intermediate frequencies : 1st 21.7 MHz   2nd 450 kHz
: IC-M1V(12 dB SINAD) Less than 0.35 µV
IC-M1EURO V(20 dB SINAD) 1.0 µV typical(emf)
Squelch sensitivity(at threshold)
: IC-M1V Less than 0.35 µV
IC-M1EURO V Less than 0.71 µV
Adjacent channel selectivity
: IC-M1V 70 dB typical
Spurious response
: IC-M1V 70 dB typical
Intermodulation rejection ratio
: IC-M1V 70 dB typical
Hum and noise ratio : More than 40 dB
Audio output power : 0.35 W typ. at 10% distortion with an 8omg.gif load

Specifications for the IC-M1V and the IC-M1EURO V are measured in accordance with EIA-152C & EIA-204D(E) and EN301-178, respectively.

The IC-M1EURO V meets EMC directive.

Supplied accessories:

  • Battery pack
  • Battery charger
  • AC adapter*
  • Antenna
  • Belt clip
  • Hand strap

* Varies according to version

Applicable U.S. Military Specifications
Icom makes rugged products that meet MIL-STD requirements and strict environmental standards as follows.

Standard MIL 810C MIL 810D MIL 810E
Method Procedure Method Procedure Method Procedure
High temp.         501.3 II
Low temp.         502.3 II
Humidity         507.3 II
Vibration 514.2 X 514.3 I 514.4 I
Shock 516.2 I 516.3 I 516.4 I, IV

The IC-M1EURO V meets EMC directive. Specification for the IC-M1V and the IC-M1EURO V are measured in accordance with EIA-152C & EIA-204D(E) and EN301-178, respectively. All stated specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.


Type approval for options varies between countries. Ask your dealer which options are available.

  • BP-215 Li-Ion BATTERY PACK
    Lithium Ion battery pack, provides 12__14 hrs. operation (Tx:Rx:Stand-by=5:5:90) 7.4 V/1600 mAh Same as supplied with the transceiver.

    Desktop or wall mount. Charging time: 8 hours Same as supplied with the transceiver.

    Full sized, waterproof construction, corresponds to JIS grade 7 (1 m/30 min.). An alligator type clip is equipped.

    Ensures private communication. 128 scrambling codes are available. The scrambling system is not compatible with UT-112. Not available in some countries. Version 02 (#02) only can be used with the IC-M1V/M1EURO V (version 01 not compatible).

    Enables private communications by scrambling your voice signals. Total of 32 scrambling codes available. The scrambling system is not compatible with the UT-98. Not available in some countries.

    For use with the battery charger, AD-95, instead of the AC adapter.



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